Users use powerful magnets Precautions

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Users use powerful magnets Precautions

Post by feelys on Wed Feb 12, 2014 2:17 am

Users should be aware that among the magnetic force neodymium magnet to magnet strongest magnets with samarium cobalt, ferrite magnets and so have an advantage compared to the magnetic force , the magnetic force in Dongguan magnet for important user requirements will generally choose NdFeB magnet.

Specifications in diameter below 30 NdFeB magnets Relatively speaking, the operation of which would be more secure. But on top of this specification will produce if used improperly can be dangerous . We organize the following three operations using powerful magnets Precautions Shenzhen magnet users.

First, the use of powerful magnets attention to environmental sanitation . Can absorb dust magnet with iron can have an impact on product quality.

Second, before using a strong magnet[with iron tools should be an appropriate distance . If placed near iron tools will be sucked magnets, in order to avoid accidents best tools for the iron away from magnets .

Third, when using powerful neodymium magnets in order to maintain a relatively safe distance between the magnet and the magnet . In the magnet inside the product packaging should be removed after the withdrawal of the magnets that safe distance , not close to each other .


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