How to determine the quality of the merits of sintered NdFeB magnets ?

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How to determine the quality of the merits of sintered NdFeB magnets ?

Post by feelys on Sun Jan 26, 2014 12:05 am , as one of the important substances to promote social progress and modern technology , widely used in the following areas : computer hard drives , magnetic resonance imaging, electric vehicles, wind power, industrial permanent magnet motor , consumer electronics (CD, DVD, mobile phones , stereos , copiers , scanners , video cameras , cameras, refrigerators, television sets , air conditioners , etc. ) and magnetic mechanical , magnetic levitation technology , magnetic drive other industries.

Since 1985 in Japan, China and Europe also began industrialization, which nearly 30 years of global magnetic materials industry to flourish , can continue to record the magnetic material varieties and grades continue to increase. With the expansion of the market, its manufacturer is also increasing , and many customers are bound to fall into such confusion among , how to determine the product 's cons?

The most comprehensive judgment method : a magnet performance ; two magnet size ; three magnet coating.

First, the performance guarantee magnet production process from the control of raw materials

Second, to protect the magnet size depends on the plant's processing power

Again , the quality of the magnet coating applied directly to the product 's life


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