Yahoo Search: A Shopper’s Secret Weapon

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Yahoo Search: A Shopper’s Secret Weapon

Post by NewsOnline on Thu Jan 06, 2011 3:15 pm

Yahoo Search: A Shopper’s Secret Weapon

With another holiday shopping season behind us, you’re likely well aware that shopping for the perfect gift can be an overwhelming challenge. Yahoo! Search wants to make shopping enjoyable and empower people with useful information to make an educated decision.

To better understand how search plays a role for some shoppers, we set out to answer the question: How are people who use search as part of their shopping process different from other shoppers?

Yahoo! partnered with marketing insight consultancy agency, AddedValue, to survey 2,000 consumers* around their online shopping habits, including their usage of search prior to making a purchase. We found that people who use search within the purchase process represent a passionate group of hyper-engaged shoppers.

In addition to being more knowledgeable, engaged and savvy shoppers, searchers used more online resources in their purchase process than their non-searching counterparts, such as:

50% of searchers source customer reviews and ratings online
43% of searchers visit shopping comparison websites to make an informed decision
37% of searchers visit coupon websites to check daily deals
25% of searchers check out a brand’s social media channels like Twitter and Facebook
53% use their mobile devices to help them research a purchase

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Re: Yahoo Search: A Shopper’s Secret Weapon

Post by davianhussey on Fri Apr 29, 2011 10:40 am

Yahoo! Explore wants to pee shopping pleasurable and empower group with helpful message to act an literate option.


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