NdFeB permanent magnet features

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NdFeB permanent magnet features

Post by feelys on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:23 am

Mainland China is a magnetic material NdFeB magnets in a large family. As the third generation of permanent magnet materials, due to the small volume, light weight and strong magnetic features, NdFeB magnets are by far the best price-performance magnets, widely used in printer heads, computer hard drives, CD-ROM, floppy drive and motor movement and other core components, electromechanical industry and information industry base material.

NdFeB permanent magnet features
(1) very hard and brittle
(2) to manufacture bonded NdFeB method of high precision, excellent magnetic properties, corrosion resistance, good temperature stability
(3) to the sintering method, a very hard and brittle, with high resistance to demagnetization, the high cost / performance ratio, the high temperature does not apply to
(4) manufactured in an injection molding method, there is a high degree of precision, complex shape anisotropy easily made thin-walled or thin ring magnet.

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