Where to buy magnets?

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Where to buy magnets?

Post by feelys on Thu Jan 09, 2014 2:02 am

Alnico magnets (http://www.magnetndfeb.com/product/alnico-magnets)are high temperature magnets. We have sintered & cast alnico magnets for sale. Alnico 5 magnets & alnico 8 magnets are the most popular."

  Where to buy magnets?
  Welcome to contact China Rare Earth Magnets Limited! We are leading NdFeB magnet manufacturers & suppliers in China.
  China Rare Earth Magnet Limited established in 1985, has 300 administrative staffs, 50 technician, 30 quality control staffs, more than 2000 workers. Our plant area is 56000 square meters, equipped with many advanced production & inspection machines: smelting furnace (100kg/500kg), sintering furnace (RVS-100kg/VS-200kg), automatic slicing machine (J5060C)……
  Many people may don't know where to buy magnets, we will be very glad if you'd like to recommend us. We also make design according to our customers' special requirements, supply solution of magnet applications.
  With many years’ experience on manufacturing and overseas sales, we got more trusts and supports from our old customers and new customers. Welcome to sending us your magnet enquiry!


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