Favored Wind Power Slip Ring

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Favored Wind Power Slip Ring

Post by feelys on Sun Dec 15, 2013 11:35 pm

Wind Applications sliding electrical contact connector slip ring an electrically conductive slip ring class wind power slip ring which is also known as collector rings , the rotary joint , the rotary electrical interface, slip rings , set the convergence ring , the ring coil commutator , the adapter , in order to achieve a relative rotation of two bodies , precision of data transmission signals and the power transmission apparatus. Particularly suitable for applications in the infinite continuous rotation , but also to achieve a fixed position and rotation position of the wind data slip ring power supply or device.

Wind power slip ring , slip ring is used on fans , some of Capsule Slip ring can also be called into wind power slip ring , because they use the fan above , but it shaped like a hat . Wind power slip ring now require a relatively high because of small wind turbines for the whole weight was very strict, and the market to judge one fan fan grades based on their inclusion , the heavier the weight of the fan low-grade, not widely , but the lighter weight of the fan, can be used in front of the conference center as well as other scenic tourist area inside the pavilion , as the light weight, it is very easy to install , and beautiful by many customers.

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