Wind power slip ring market

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Wind power slip ring market

Post by feelys on Tue Dec 03, 2013 10:47 pm

Wind power slip ring hot market situation in recent years , more than a lot of people 's imagination , as well as driving the rapid development of wind power in national policy, its ancillary equipment related equipment parts are in short supply , at the urging of the state's macroeconomic policies , the use of wind energy is in full swing , through the policy of subsidies , tax incentives and other specific operational policies , wind power industry has been rapid development. Especially in the particularly rich in wind resources in the Northwest region , region wide , rich wind resources, is an excellent place large-scale construction of wind farms. Driven by the wind power related equipment , wind power slip ring manufacturers are working overtime day and night to protect the supporting wind energy wind power equipment needs . Only the use of wind energy more fully , the human living environment in order to get better and better , and when the mountains can be seen inside the city , it is the future of wind power wind !

Advantage of the wind slip rings :
http://www.electricslipring.comwith outstanding resistance to low temperature , high humidity , corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti- sensation , function stable without protection and other features.
The cost of wind turbines precious , protection inconvenient, wind power slip ring service life of crucial importance .


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