Development, production and sales slip ring products

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Development, production and sales slip ring products

Post by feelys on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:43 pm

Slip ring responsible for the wind power generation system with the power of the entire system , control signals and data transmission function , the whole wind turbine system is very critical components , and its precision , reliability and working life directly affects the performance of the wind power generation system . Specific application requirements as well as China 's actual use of the environment , Jing Pei Electronics R & D team designed and developed the Chinese system dedicated slip ring for wind power generation system. The key main material imported materials, interior built with advanced production equipment and a variety of slip rings for wind power performance testing system , the grain Pei wind power slip ring has good resistance to low temperatures, high humidity, sand resistant , corrosion resistance, impact resistance, anti-vibration , stable performance characteristics without maintenance , the service life of up to 20 years or millions turn .

Shenzhen Crystal Electronics Co., Ltd. is a leading Pei , with many years of experience focused on the development, production and sales of series of industrial brushes ,, slip ring Shenzhen , conducting ring of high-tech companies, product line, and various performance indicators are always at the forefront of similar products, a number of national authoritative testing organizations that certificate , the long-term to provide products and technical services for a number of well-known domestic and foreign manufacturers , military units , research institutes and universities, and become a long-term point of qualified suppliers , products are exported to Europe and America, most of the developed countries.

Products are mainly used in the field of security, medical equipment , aerospace , marine facilities , radar antennas, wind power, robotics, video surveillance, engineering machinery , manufacturing and process control systems.


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