Compact High Speed ​​Capsule Slip ring

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Compact High Speed ​​Capsule Slip ring

Post by feelys on Mon Nov 25, 2013 11:31 pm

Hat slip ring is a circular casing with a series of slip ring flange collectively , mainly used to transmit precise signals , weak current ; has low torque , low-loss maintenance ; low electrical noise , and other major features ; cap slip ring looks like a hat , compact design, small size , easy installation, suitable for installation in small spaces such as small and medium systems : the security monitoring, photography, robotics , test equipment, turntable , and automation equipment. slip ring products as a competitive products in the market competition, there is a pivotal position , especially in terms of quality , there are different standards between the various manufacturers. So for customers, choose a good reputation, good quality manufacturers is one thing that must be considered , in addition to considering the conventional technical parameters, such as diameter, number of channels , but more concerned about the maximum speed , maximum insulation resistance and service life . In extreme environments , Capsule Slip ring will directly affect the stability and quality of the machine equipment and products.
Shenzhen Jing Pei electronics manufacturers for this type of , customers can rest assured that the purchase and use , and its after-sales service is also very good.


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