Slip ring is also called conductive ring

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Slip ring is also called conductive ring

Post by feelys on Mon Nov 18, 2013 8:43 pm

slip rings is also called conductive ring , slip ring , slip ring , slip ring and so on. It can be used in any desired continuous rotation , they also need to rotate from a fixed position to the position of power and signal transmission electromechanical systems. A slip ring can improve system performance and simplify the system structure to avoid wire strain caused during the rotation in order to prevent the steel collector rings ghost severe wounds, long stops the motor when the brush lift . In order to improve the current distribution of parallel brushes , the movable sliding contact surface collector ring energization point . To obtain good sliding properties , on the collector ring spiral chute is valid.
After the brush into the brush holder should be appropriate brushes can move freely up and down , the only way to ensure that the brush under the pressure of the spring with the constant wear and tear , and with the commutator or collector rings continue to maintain close contact . Therefore, the four sides of the brush and brush holder must be left between the inner wall of a certain gap . Practice has proved that this gap is generally 0.1 to 0.3 mm. Both should not be too large nor too small . Gap is too small, it may cause electrical card in the brush holder , brush springs not pressed , the motor working meaningless ; gap is too large , the brush holder is generated in the swing , only noise occurs , more importantly, sparks , on the commutator or collector rings have a devastating impact .

slip rings/ , also called rotary electrical interface , electrical rotary joints , any requirement for continuous rotation limit from the fixed structure to the rotating structure and the data signal transmission power in the electrical system . Contact resistance contact resistance including dynamic and static contact resistance, is the sliding brush or a wire brush in contact with the metal ring between the resistor if resistance is too large , over- current will cause the slip ring heat, will also affect the results of information transmission . We need to contact rigorous screening material . Also require a smooth surface on the metal ring without scars.


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