Slip ring brushes and housing needs when working with the perfect

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Slip ring brushes and housing needs when working with the perfect

Post by feelys on Tue Oct 29, 2013 1:42 am

As the name suggests is used to electrically slip ring slip ring series in all the most widely used , also known as brushes , carbon brushes, slip ring, slip ring , slip ring , rotary pass, rotating electrical joints, dedicated to the unlimited continuous rotation , the transmission power of power, signal power .

Electric slip ring surface with spiral grooves torus , increasing the electrical slip ring surface and the air permeability between the brushes , electric slip ring is conducive to the full contact surface . Increase the radial distance between collector ring main purpose is to prevent the lifting unit suddenly resulting short circuit between the upper and lower collector ring , ring collector surface reduces the probability of ablation . Since the sealing performance of the isolation chamber is weak , there is inevitably leakage air flow . Unit operation , if more oily dirt toner , then easily lead to accidents caused by defects even need to stop processing or live cleaning , affecting the security chaos generator running .

Slip ring work, brushes and housing fits to be very place, and both the hardness of the material to be quite otherwise, when the brush hardness than slip ring housing is high, ie high hardness of the brush material the collector ring shell material is too soft , often appear in the collector ring and as the width of the brush wear. Especially for the high temperature operation of the motor, the more likely to cause the brush ring collector or excessive wear. Collecting ring at work , in particular whether there is need to pay attention to a small spark , as this is often signs of wear scars of its time , if the event of a small spark , which is near the small wear, if not controlled , wear will gradually expand , leading the entire collector ring does not work situation. We rotary joints work, we must guard against the occurrence of such incidents , if the risk for large equipment, such signs appear , if controlled , it may be able to avoid a major production safety accidents .


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