Small wind slip ring

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Small wind slip ring

Post by feelys on Thu Oct 17, 2013 9:26 pm

With the new vertical axis wind turbine research success, small wind power demand gradually increased slip ring, solutions Jing Pei delicate cap from slip ring to a multi-channel high current hollow shaft slip ring slip ring and into the fiber optical hybrid slip ring, slip ring blower system response SMEs need to solve various problems.

Small wind slip ring

Jing Pei designed for small wind turbine systems for LPW-02 small-scale wind power slip rings, the use of imported high-end stone and wood nucleation, product quality assurance, long life, more professional and technical personnel caring service, 360-degree rotation solutions intimate 360 services. If demand, please contact us 0755 -33,359,759 (Miss Lin)

Jing Pei slip ring been a domestic manufacturing industry leader!


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