Commentary mercury slip ring

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Commentary mercury slip ring

Post by feelys on Thu Oct 17, 2013 2:08 am

Mercury slip rings , also known as quicksilver or mercury conductive ring slip ring , simply put , is to mercury as a conductive fluid medium rotary joint , is an industrial parts, with the traditional brush slip ring biggest difference that it is mainly silver as the conductive liquid medium , the fixed end integrated with the rotary side , when they do not rotate with the conductive brush to pass , and direct use of mercury for conducting transfer . structure and function: mercury slip ring using a special sealing, insulation and conductive technology into its shell is anodized aluminum or stainless steel . Used in any rotating body signals such as tiny voltage, current , EMF, Thermocouple , Strain gauge, audio and video signals , high frequency, such as computer signals as well as power transmission .

Currently used mercury slip ring is divided into two categories: one category is used as a DC generator collector ring mains DC collector rings machine collecting ring system ; another is to use an AC rectifier unit into DC after collecting ring supplied rectifier system .
DC collector ring machines are generally coaxial with the synchronous generator , using shunt or excited connection. Connection using excited when the collector is not machine excitation current is called by another deputy collector ring on the same machine axis DC generator supply .


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