Retouching Image and it’s Importance

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Retouching Image and it’s Importance

Post by helal on Sat Sep 21, 2013 11:40 am

An article for the beginners about how to retouching image
At present, retouching image has become very essential and necessary for the photographers. It is one kind of image service which makes your images spotless, light, true and natural beside glorious and attractive.
Retouching image service is essential for removing spot from image. Beside, a murky, spot (big or small) can be removed by retouching. There are three types of tool for retouching an image. They are healing brush tool, clone stamp tool and patch tool. Every tool plays an important role to remove spot from an image.
 Healing brush tool
: A simple image which has only normal color like white or black but it has several spot(small) inside the image, you would use healing tool for retouching the image. But you should remember that this too is used that area where really exit only same color. Otherwise your image’s color has been mixed with various colors. Finally you can see the result.

 Clone stamp tool
: If you have an image which has several color and the spots are found between the colors, you would use clone stamp tool for retouching that image. When you use this tool, you should be careful. Otherwise you create many spots in your image. This tool is very necessary to retouch an image.
Using patch Photoshop tool: Patch Photoshop tool is very easy to use and it works as healing tool. Using this tool, you can retouch large or small spot in a short time. But you should remember that this tool is used if the image/ area has only one color. Otherwise you create more spots among the image. At first, select the unnecessary/spot and then click the same color. Finally you can see the spotless image.
Retouching is a very complex job in the graphic design service. It is true that no image looks beautiful without the service of retouching. But it is a matter of question that without retouching tool use properly, you can’t make a true and natural image.


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