Slip ring in the modern industrial design and production of the importance of the ineffable

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Slip ring in the modern industrial design and production of the importance of the ineffable

Post by feelys on Wed Aug 28, 2013 10:22 pm in the modern industrial design and production of the importance of the ineffable, the only constant in Shenzhen slip ring for development, improvements to upgrade, and constantly enhance the performance of products in order to meet real needs. Jing Pei Electronics progressive and innovative R & D to design a slip ring for the modern industry to contribute.

Industrial progress, but also will bring http://www.electricslipring.comindustry broad prospects for development. New energy and new materials industry has been unprecedented attention, and new energy and new materials industries, wind turbine as a great potential for commercial energy, is the focus of national policy support, in this great opportunity to compete in the context of large, slip ring industry is about to experience rapid growth in the ball the second time since the outbreak of large-scale growth, wind power slip ring as a new energy industry essential parts precision instruments industry, the prospects are very bright, the next 5-10 years, advocate for and low-carbon energy development, the conductive slip ring will be accompanied by the development of national economic restructuring to go forward together. The development of a high-definition signal has a century of history, has been widely used in military field, has been in the field of wireless signal transmission plays a leading role.

Since this year, the world, especially the developed countries, the satellite, a new generation of high-frequency signal transmission the vigorous development of satellites and high-frequency signal transmission because transmission is more stable and efficient. HD signal signal transmission development has been constrained, there is the trend of gradual decline. However, the HD signal is still very important in many areas as a signal transmission means, in particular military fields. Every year, each country will periodically on their own ship, vehicle signal transmission and other military equipment for high-definition signal system to dedicate updates, especially the United States to spare no effort in this regard on both.



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