What kind of Windows 8 is the most suitable for your device

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What kind of Windows 8 is the most suitable for your device

Post by feelys on Mon Jul 22, 2013 1:27 am

Today, a wide variety of computer equipment variants, including flat, mobile and tablet laptop combo. These devices have their own characteristics, so be careful in the selection of equipment considerations. If you're afraid to pick up a nice device, but it does not meet your needs; Or you pick the wrong one device, it is characterized with your lifestyle and work out of tune. Well, you'd better look at the following analysis and recommendations.
As we all know, Windows 8.1 system is about to release a lot of people would like to replace the old running windows 7 or XP system equipment. Some people will focus on more popular nowadays hybrid notebook, namely tablet, notebook computer combo. And some people still prefer the traditional laptop, just ask some of its light.

Thanks to a large outbreak of the tablet market, and now there is a lot of equipment available for Windows 8 system you choose. It is because of variety, a lot of people are very difficult to make the right choice, is to buy it flat? Or buy hybrid notebook? Or is it a laptop with a touch screen? In fact, what equipment to buy, ultimately depends on the user's professional and user intends to use the equipment. So, here for different groups of people, we made a different proposal:

Organization personnel: Tablet PC

If you are the kind of things that need to be organized and planned list of people often do, then I suggest you use your tablet. Is characterized by flat light and easy to carry, so you can be anywhere such equipment close at hand, and keep track of various projects and timelines. Here, Xiaobian to recommend HP Editpad 900 (600 U.S. dollars, 3,700 yuan). The tablet is very light, very suitable for home and office use. Whether it is to plan, or set up a meeting reminder, this tablet will give you the feeling of everything under control

Accounting staff: touch screen notebook

Accounting staff need to use Excel formulas, so the laptop is more suitable for this population. If coupled with touch screen function, then even more perfect. Here, it is recommended to use the Asus VivoBook S550CA (720 U.S. dollars, 4,300 yuan). This notebook is affordable and powerful. It can not only take advantage of great graphics and tables present data, but also with touch-screen operation function. Traditional keyboard input is also preserved when processing the data you handy. In addition, this notebook's appearance is also very prominent. Sleek brushed aluminum casing, ultra-clear screen without borders, have it compelling.

Confirmed by the fact that: Tablet PC

Such people always want their own on any issue are correct. When everyone on Tom Hanks and Megan Ryan co-produce the number of debates, he is always the fastest open network to query the correct answer. When we discuss who is the National Baseball League's best pitcher, they always find them online series of data and facts to prove his point. Such people although a little annoying, but small or recommended to them to use now the fastest tablet computer - Microsoft Surface pro (900 U.S. dollars, 5,500 yuan). Because Surface is equipped with Intel Core i5 processor, so it's particularly fast Internet speed. This means that whether you are for Google search or go to Wikipedia, you will always be one step ahead. Therefore, the use of the tablet, you're a little "jack of all trades."
Careers by: Hybrid Notebook

You're a successful person, so you need advanced technology to show others you are walking in front of people. Here, those who recommend to a successful career Acer Asprin R7 (1000 U.S. dollars, 6,100 yuan). This hybrid notebook avant-garde style, very suitable for important talks to each other Starbucks impressed. Although it is a 15.6-inch screen is a bit large, but also because of this, will let you in cafe compelling. In addition, this mix is ​​also very complete notebook functionality. You can either use it to write proposals to the meeting, but also can use it for video talks with potential customers. With it, you will ride the workplace.

Freelancer: touch screen notebook

If you are a writer, photographer, graphic designer or developer friends, then you need not only a powerful device, it also requires equipment to the cafe to impress potential customers. Here, to recommend to you the HP Spectre

XT Touchsmart (1350 U.S. dollars, 8,300 yuan). This notebook is equipped with Intel Core i7 processor, enough to support you run any of the programs and software. Also, if you want to attract potential customers cafe, remember to breakfast, to find a good position to demonstrate your device.

Stay up all night workers: Hybrid Notebook
You have been working overtime in the office do? Even home are at work? Is not a little time with the family? Is not often at the table complaining about their heavy workload? Well, you need to think of this section of the Thinkpad Helix (1680 USD, RMB 100,300 million), it can be a good balance between work and leisure needs. When loaded on the notebook keyboard, you can use it to complete the work. And when you removed the keyboard, you can use it to watch a TV series to rest, for example, to see a fantasy drama "Song of Ice and Fire." Although we also suggest that you and your family more interactive some, but when you finish work, estimated that they all went to sleep.
Rat race by: Hybrid Notebook

Your job is not often need to drive everywhere? Whether developing new customers, or delivery of goods, a good Tablet PC will help you know the way. However, when you want to calculate some of the receipt of data when the laptop is needed. So here, it is recommended you use Samsung's ATIV Smart PC Pro 700T (1200 U.S. dollars, 7,350 yuan), which is a hybrid notebook. The device's battery life is very strong, and it comes with a digital pen that allows you to quickly record data. In addition, thanks to the detachable keyboard of this device, you can use it to write a quick report on the outside, in order to save yourself a lot of time. Turning now to the other features, this device front camera can make you and your family to make video calls, so the family will not forget you this "busy man" looks like it.

Nine to five persons: Tablet PC
4:59, you've put on coats, ready to go out the door company. For these people, they neither need to write a great novel, does not require the development of complex software, so a Tablet PC to meet their needs. They do not need to install Microsoft's Office software, because most of the Windows system tablet devices are pre-installed Office. They simply use the most basic Internet functions, the game features and audio-visual capabilities. So, to these people recommend $ 200 (1,220 yuan) a kobo Arc. Do not worry about the tablet functionality is not enough, it is enough to make you at work pastime for a long time.


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