[iTunes Library Manager] How to Detect & Add a Name for Music Album in iTunes

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[iTunes Library Manager] How to Detect & Add a Name for Music Album in iTunes

Post by monta00 on Tue Jul 09, 2013 1:03 am

When transfer music from your PC, Media Player, CD or other devices to  to iTunes, some of them may show as Unknown Album in Cover Flow. The detailed listing in iTunes reflects the correct names, but the correct names show up on its original. How to find the right name for these albums?

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With Tunes Cleaner for Mac, you can easily find the name for albums on iTunes by online database, also it can help you delete duplicates sonsgs in iTunes, get album artwork, add missed music tags including artists and album, add music information by searching key tags of music files via manual fixing.

Tunes Cleaner for Windows

* Automatically Clean up iTunes and external music folders smartly
* Simply Get album artwork for iTunes music library and other music files
* 1-click operation to delete duplicates in iTunes and other music libraries
* Support manual fixing to customize music info and get accurate repairing
* Clean up iTunes music library and apply to iTunes in one click


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