dell battery so that maintenance can be used more than 10 years!

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dell battery so that maintenance can be used more than 10 years!

Post by wangcuimei on Tue Jun 04, 2013 3:25 am

Laptop battery is a consumable, the battery once opened use, it will begin the process of aging. Aging rate with the chemical characteristics of the battery varies. Aging rate is also used with the usual methods. If frequent charging and discharging of the battery, it will accelerate the aging batteries. Battery life over a period of time, power will gradually shorten the time until it can not be used. Therefore shorten the battery operating time is a normal situation. While you are usually mostly use external power supply, if the battery is not used, but in fact, the aging process of the battery over time, has been conducting, less battery can only slow down the process, but can not make it stop.

Factors that affect battery life: The battery charge and discharge times, the use of ambient temperature, battery storage temperature is

And battery suffered shock size.
It can draw a few battery "principles":

1 AC ADAPTER (external power adapter) mode, the battery is used if there is no experience of the process of charging and discharging, the battery life will be longer than normal.

2 In the high temperature of 40 degrees Celsius, the battery consumption rate will be much faster than normal temperatures.

3 In a similar Singapore, South China and other areas with high temperatures when used in a car, the battery temperature can easily reach 65 degrees Celsius. This will lead to the rapid depletion of the battery.

4 fall, hit batteries and other acts will also accelerate battery depletion.

5DELL fast charge does not affect battery life. Use some big-power program will also affect battery life:

6 Using optical drives, such as DVD / CDROM and CDRW drives.

7 Using wireless communications devices, PC Cards, or USB devices

8 Using high-brightness display settings, 3D screen savers, or other power-hungry programs such as 3D games.[img][/img][img][/img]


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