I will manually submit your Infographics to 25 high PR Galleries

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I will manually submit your Infographics to 25 high PR Galleries

Post by mrgadget on Sat Jan 12, 2013 10:04 pm

Infographics are no doubt becoming extremely important in SEO and internet marketing. And the work of submitting infographics to different galleries is inevitable if you want to make them go viral.
However, this task is really boring and time-consuming, and it could be fantastic if someone else has it done for you with acceptable price. Well, you come in right place since I will help you manually submit your infographics to 25 different galleries (that you can choose from my list of over 100 galleries) in just within maximum 48 hour. In addition, you can request more to receive the best benefits, such as
- Spin your infographic's title and description
- Deliver within 24h
- Submit to 40 galleries (instead of 25)

Here is my GIG on Fiverr: http://fiverr.com/mrgadget/manually-submit-your-infographics-to-25-high-pr-galleries

OR you can visit my service website here: infographicssubmit.com

Or contact me for more detail, via:
Yahoo: bloggernob
Email: bloggernob at gmail.com


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