final year semester projects |Computer science Final year project training

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final year semester projects |Computer science Final year project training

Post by praveenshere on Sat Dec 22, 2012 4:02 am

Why do you think of the final year project is so important that it is worth spending all that time, and why it is needed in the curriculum?

The answer is that knowledge is both theoretical and empirical, hands on discipline and there are many skills that cannot be taught in class. They can be learned by practical experience working on a major project that exposes you to some of these important ideas such as:
Work effectively within a team
Interacting with users
Development of specifications and design documents
Development of prototypes
Improve written and oral presentation skills

Some IEEE Projects :
IEEE- Data Mining projects
IEEE- Dependable and Secured Computing projects
IEEE- Parallel and Distributed projects
IEEE- Mobile Computing projects
IEEE- Wireless Communication projects
IEEE- Networking projects
IEEE- Knowledge and Data Engineering projects

Benefits of doing an IEEE project

Knowledge and experience with advanced software technology
Modern technology and skills.
Experience with Environment IEEE.

For More details :

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