I Like That Way to Bypass XP Password, Don't Kill My Windows XP!

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I Like That Way to Bypass XP Password, Don't Kill My Windows XP!

Post by cheeryking on Thu Dec 06, 2012 3:26 am

Windows XP is a ticking time-bomb with only 500 days to go. Have you heard about that? Given that XP is not exactly famous for its security, April 8, 2014, to be exact -- Microsoft says it will no longer support XP, and that means no more patches and no more security fixes.
So, you can see that, the countdown clock has been ticking on windows XP for only 500 days. Are you ready to throw Windows XP into the trash? I'm not. Don't kill my Windows XP!

On one hand, October 25th is the official release date for Windows 8, but I, for one, have no intention of "upgrading" to Windows 8 from Windows 7 or XP. I'm so hostile to Windows 8 is that it breaks all the old ways of doing things in Windows and offers no real improvements over Windows 7 or XP

On the other hand, thought Windows 7 has some good points. It's a bit faster, it's a bit more secure, it has some nice network features such as Libraries and DirectAccess, and it has Internet Explorer (IE) 9, which is better than IE 8. Of course, Chrome 21 is better than any version of IE and it runs just fine on Windows 7 and XP. I still prefer to Windows XP.

Moreover, if the Windows 8 launch turns out to be as big a disaster, just as I think it will be, Maybe XP will yet see its end of support life extended for a few more years. Who knows?

Well, to be honest, all of this is not my most important reason. I just like the way to bypass XP password. With the third party software, it is easy to operate. Just 3 minutes and few clicks, we can bypass xp password successfully even we are newbies. But for windows 8, it is no so easy. Maybe there are no password recovery software support Windows 8 yet! I think, who knows? I am forgetful and for some reason, I often forget my windows xp password. It's not kidding. But I never worry about that. Do you know why? Umm, this is because Windows Password Recovery Tool. One year ago, I had not used such tool before. That time I forgot my windows xp password, and ask Tonny for help. He recommend me Windows Password Recovery Tool.

First, I download and install Windows Password Recovery from windowspasswordsrecovery.com on Tonny's computer. Then Lauch this tool and inser a CD, and click on Burn a Bootable CD. Select the target device CD and click the Reset button. So, in this way, I have burned the bootable password reset disk. (Note: Once this disk is created, you can use it to create a new admin account on the computer that you forgot windows xp password.

second, I start my locked computer from the bootable password reset disk and select the system, and then click Create a new accout button when the Windows Password Recovery interface appears. Type the user name and password for the new administrator account, and then click OK. Click OK when the new admin account is successfully created. Click Reboot button to restart computer and then log into Windows with the new administrator account.

Indeed, I still think XP is one of the best versions of Windows ever. It is easy for me to remove windows xp password when I forgot it for som reasons.


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