Elegant wear for Indian women from Desi Sarees

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Elegant wear for Indian women from Desi Sarees

Post by desi sarees on Sun Nov 18, 2012 11:35 am


A sari or saree is a female garment in the Indian Subcontinent. A sari is a strip of unstitched cloth, ranging from five to six meters in length in various fabrics (materials) that is draped over the body in various styles. The most common style is for the sari to be wrapped around the waist, with one end then draped over the shoulder baring the midriff.

The sari is usually worn over a petticoat (under skirt) with a blouse known as a choli or ravika forming the upper garment. The choli has short sleeves and 15 to 16 inches in length. Cholis may be "backless" or of a halter neck style. These are usually more dressy with a lot of embellishments such as mirrors or embroidery and may be worn on special occasions. Saree is now a symbol of India. These designer sarees are also worn in bollywood movies and people refer them as indian bollywood sarees. Desi Sarees online shop in uk provide you the best quality of indian bollywood sarees, sari, saris, Indian saree, wedding saree, bridal saree, designer sarees, salwar kameez, anarkali suits, kurti, tunics, kids clothing, saree shopping store, indian wedding saree shop, party wear saree shop, casual salwar kameez, cotton salwar kameez. pakistani shalwars, ladies nighties, maxi dresses, boys and men sherwanis in southall, london, uk branch which fulfills all our customers requirements.

You can learn how to drape saree on youtube.

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