I forgot my Acer laptop password?What to do?

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I forgot my Acer laptop password?What to do?

Post by Olymy on Mon Oct 08, 2012 8:53 pm

I forgot my Acer laptop password?
I forgot Acer password and I've tried every password I could think of, but I still can't get into my admin account. I have an HP Pavilion Entertainment PC and all my important documents and pictures are on there. How can I reset my password without buying software, deleting all my files, or using a USB/floppy disk? Please help!

Well, you will discover always useful choices to my opinion:
Wonderful your other computer you might download and burn hiren's boot CD, we've a guitar because CD which could reset passwords.

Or, should you be too lazy when you consider a lot out you would possibly just hold alt + f10 once the pc turns on (with a recovery partition) to reset laptop going back to factory settings. This may eliminate all of your data.
While, what surprised me will likely be fact I solve erecovery password lost with Windows Password Recovery quickly. Is within reality a robust password recovery utility that features a disk, and boot one's own computer with. Just experience steps below:
# 1. Logon one's own computer which you may download something. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional; handle the installation with several clicks so run it.
# 2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk generating a blank CD/DVD or USB memory. A USB memory will improve yet , when the locked Win 7 pc with all the current driver.
# 3. Connect the burned Win 7 password reset disk with all the locked Win 7 computer, Press DELETE, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Alt+S (determine or combined key that screen may display a sentence while computer starts), then set bios too pc from USB stick, restart pc designed for you could load software.
# 4. Uncover anyone account chances are you'll decide reset the unknown logon password, click "reset" button to commence password reset.
# 5. Some text box will arrive, press "Yes", as compared with login password are going to be reset the whole a different one.
# 6. Shift out this Windows 7 password reset disk, restart PC with logon password problem. Congratulations, you must possibly successfully logon Windows 7 without password.

Also, in the future, do the following steps:

A. If your documents and pictures are important, you should have them backed up somewhere else, other than your computer.

B. Use your computer more often OR

C. Write down your password somewhere where you can find it. Don't put it near or on the computer.

D. Create a non-admin account without a password and use that most of the time. You'll still need an admin password to install software, etc.

E. Passwords aren't useful if you can't remember them. Is your capslock on or off?

So, these tactic props up way on Acer password when lost password, safely and quickly! This occasion, the disk will still work if lost password for Windows 7!


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