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Top Fiverr Alternatives, Clones, Better than Fiverr

Post by goose1991 on Thu Sep 20, 2012 3:25 pm is the latest and greatest fiverr style website out there today. Customer Service is very polite and helpful. Buyers and sellers are needed for this website. It is slightly new and that means now is your chance to become top seller by establishing yourself. All services are available at great prices anyone who needs marketing, advertising services, mist check this out. You no longer need thousands of dollars set aside for your marketing budget. Get everything you need at TaskMitigator from $5 to $150 it is too easy. Everyone go check it out and see what you think and register to use the services or to become a seller.
3 day payout clearing for sellers (fiverr is 14, if your lucky)
$5 to $150 prices
Range of services
Friendly Customer Service that cares
Friendly Co-sellers who love to help you
All people who join should message me upon signup, goose1991
I will be glad to help you if you need anything as well and also just love to hear from you. If you need a gig that is not listed, just let me know and I will try my best to accommodate you. Possibly by gathering means to do the gig requested as cheap as possible.


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