Windows 7 password recovery with easy ways!

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Windows 7 password recovery with easy ways!

Post by Olymy on Tue Sep 18, 2012 1:34 am

Windows 7 password recovery with easy ways!
My son's have put your password on my laptop and now he doesnt remember (well what hes telling me doesnt work) remember what he typed. I attempted cpas on/off, nothings working.

Can there be anyway to get access time for my laptop or I've got to format it to restore work again... :( (losing 12GB of unbacked up pictures)
thx a lot!

We have tried:

First: Two different questions.
One you can easlily reduce harddrive and hang up up it in to a disk reader case.
Then recover the photos.
2. Be given a removable hard disk when you've gotten recovered your machine MAKE BACKUPS!
3. If your machine is recovered make leastways two users to assist you play one user to correct another.
4. Never allow the son offer an administrator account for the laptop.

Finally try the password reset processes when i have said by others but learn your lesson now.
They will work ( being a seat belt MAY protect you in case you have an accident)

Second: In the event that does not work properly - try using F8 to get involved with Safe Mode to see if you can get a new password.

Third: Recover Windows 7 password with Windows 7 Password Recovery Tool. It is just a wonderful Win 7 password recovery utility that you build a disk during first minutes. Just follow the steps below:
1. Logon your personal computer you can download something. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool Enterprise, handle the installation with several clicks then run it.
2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk having a blank CD/DVD or Usb memory card. A USB Flash Drive will improve if the locked Win 7 pc with the driver.
3. Connect the burned Win 7 password reset disk with the locked Win 7 computer, Press DELETE, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Alt+S (find out or combined key that screen may display a sentence while computer starts), then set bios to start pc from Usb stick, restart pc there will load software package.
4. Choose the user account that you need reset the unknown logon password, click "reset" button to begin password reset.
5. A communication box will show up, simply click "Yes", then the login password is going to be reset a replacement.
6. Shift out this Windows 7 password reset disk, restart PC with logon password problem. You now will successfully logon Windows 7 without password.

So, the solution Three helps recover forgotten Windows 7 password safely and quickly! The next occasion, the disk will still work if forgot password on Windows 7!

Select the above methods on password recovery Windows 7 if lost login, you'll find promoted easy!


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