How to disable local adminstrator windows 7

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How to disable local adminstrator windows 7

Post by Olymy on Wed Sep 12, 2012 10:07 pm

How to disable local adminstrator windows 7 without admin rights?
First some background: I got an old computer from work (still connected to the domain) because no one wants it anymore. We just got MacBooks, so an old Windows computer is practically useless. Once I got home, I messed around with the settings for a while, because I've never had a home computer before so I was just curious. I found something called UAC and turned it on (it had been off). Now, whenever I try to do almost anything, I can't. I realized soon after turning it on that I'm not the administrator, I just have a standard account. I can't delete the administrator account because I don't have admin access. No one at my work knows the account password anymore. I'm kind of disappointed now because I can't install any programs or do anything. I've tried practically everything, from making a new admin account (didn't have system access) to resetting the admin password (I couldn't do that either). I'd ask my boss if he could do anything over the domain as a domain controller but he's far too busy to worry about an old computer. I'm desperate, so I'll try anything. Thank you! :)

Reset administrator password windows 7 with Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0. It is a easy-to-use Windows 7 password remover tool that helps you create a disk within minutes. Just follow the steps below:
1. Login a pc that you can download something. Download Windows Password Recovery Tool Professional, install it with several clicks and then run it.
2. Burn a Windows 7 password reset disk with a blank CD/DVD or USB Flash Drive. A USB Flash Drive will be better if the locked Win 7 pc with the driver.
3. Connect the burned Win 7 password reset disk with the locked Win 7 computer, Press DELETE, F1, F2, F10, F12 or Alt+S (choose one or combined key that screen may display a sentence while computer starts), then set bios to boot pc from USB Flash Drive, restart pc and there will load software program.
4. Choose the user account that you need reset the unknown logon password, click "reset" button to begin password reset.
5. A message box will pop up, just click "Yes", then the login password will be reset a new one.
6. Shift out this Windows 7 password reset disk, restart PC with logon password problem. Now you will successfully logon Windows 7 without password after remove windows 7 administrator password.

Also, try the two methods below:

Secondly: Check if the caps lock has been turned on - if it hasn't - type the password in one key at a time with one finger, slowly - I've found out that I had my fingers off one key on one hand, which made me enter the wrong password by whatever keys were being typed by that hand.

Thirdly: If the first one doesn't work - try using F8 to get into Safe Mode to see if you can remove the password.

Also, share the forth solution to all administrator, including default Administrator Windows 7, it will help them make good preparation before lost admin password:

Fourthly: Create a password reset disk before we lost Windows 7 password:
1. Connect a blank USB flash drive with your unlocked computer.
2. Click your user account icon on the Start menu and select "Create a password reset disk" when User Accounts dialog box displays.
3. Input: password reset disk the three words in the Search box. When the "Forgotten Password Wizard" appears, click "Next".
4. Select your USB flash drive and click "Next" to enter current password.
5. When the wizards finish creating Windows 7 password reset disk, the file named userkey.psw will be in your USB.
6. Now, you can reset administrator password Windows 7 quickly!


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