Encrypt SWF Data files on Macintosh

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Encrypt SWF Data files on Macintosh

Post by cici116819 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 10:11 pm

Suppose you have now complete very first flash game, , which you want to send it to blog to share with way more persons, or perhaps earn money from it. You should be noticed that no matter you send the flash game of SWF format to your websites and / or various other web pages it is actually not a single thing dissimilar to visitors. They will quite easily obtain the SWF flash game on their computer intended for playing future making use of Adobe Flash Player. Or worse, they grab your ideas using opposite compiling the SWF types of files to the origin program code, so that they might get alongside every strategy of your very difficult working in no time. That is one of the reasons how come there are countless the same flash online game online.

Macintosh computer is definitely a fantastic workstation for individual designers for making SWF flash games due to its firmness and quick speed. To safeguard your own SWF data files from unwanted hands, there's a great tool for help out. Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac is really an simple-to-use tool to encrypt and guard your SWF docs for risk-free submitting on mac. It obfuscates ActionScript to make SWF source program code unreadable to even SWF decompilers and SWF decrypt tools. The exported protected SWF files could be played with Adobe Flash Player equally as common.

Free download Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac and install it on your pc, then keep to the down below steps to encrypt your SWF documents on Macintosh. If you're using on Windows OS personal computer, you can use Leawo SWF Encrypt.

Step 1: Install this Mac SWF Encrypt tool on your pc. Run it and simply click " Add " key or simply drag and drop to add origin SWF documents for encryption.

Please notice that there are two different methods to add SWF files:

Add Relevant SWF file is for SWF files that have associations with one another, this choice guarantees invocation after obfuscation.

Add Irrelevant SWF file is suitable for any other individual SWF files.

After you have imported SWF files, there will be a tag indicate whether the SWF file is protected or not. For only "Unprotected" SWF files can be encrypted using Leawo SWF Encrypt for Mac.

Step 2: Below the processing list panel, you can choose encryption ways to encrypt SWF flash files. For each SWF encryption way, there is a diagram with explanation aside. This Mac SWF Encrypt support batch encryption and you can choose to apply one encryption setting to all SWF files or decide special encryption setting for each SWF file.

Step 3: In the "Output" frame, choose a folder on your pc to save the output obfuscated SWF files.

Step 4: Click the " Encrypt " key to start out the SWF encryption on the encryption ways you have chosen.


Protected or obfuscated SWF files could not be obfuscated again by this SWF Encrypt program.


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