How you can Obfuscate ActionScript 3.0 to Protect SWF File Source Code

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How you can Obfuscate ActionScript 3.0 to Protect SWF File Source Code

Post by cici116819 on Wed Aug 22, 2012 1:19 am

ActionScript 3.0 is the newest of edition of ActionScript program code, that is popular in Adobe Flash and also Adobe Flex. Actionscript 3.0 is completely re-designed from the ground up and also executes up to TEN times quicker than earlier ActionScript program code. As being a identifiable programming language, ActionScript 3.0 is a combination of both convenience and also risk. Ever since Adobe output the Flash program into a SWF file, it becomes so easy to be reverse engineered without much effort.

That's why we have to encrypt ActionScript 3. 0 to make hard to understand, to prevent reverse engineering, and also to stay away from potential hackers. Leawo SWF Encryt changes readable program code into obfuscated code with different methods. By means of ActionScript obfuscation, SWF source code is just not understandable any more and therefore protects SWF source code from SWF decompilers and also SWF decrypt programs.

Download Leawo SWF Encrypt and install it on your computer, then keep up with the beneath guidelines to obfuscate your SWF documents. If you're functioning on Mac OPERATING SYSTEM computer, you are able to turn to LeawoSWF Encrypt for Mac.

Step 1: Download and also install this ActionScript 3.0 Obfuscator before you begin to add source SWF documents. You are able to click " Add " button or simply just drag and drop to import source SWF documents for encryption.

When the source SWF documents have relationship, then you should select Add Relevant SWF file to make sure invocation after obfuscation. Otherwise, you can choose Add Irrelevant SWF file which is ideal for some other SWF files.

Step 2: Beneath the running list panel, you can select encryption methods to encrypt SWF flash documents. Different SWF encryptions ways are provided for different SWF encryption purposes. Having detailed explanation and also diagrams in the Tips section for each SWF encryption way, actually beginners could successfully encrypt ActionScript 3.0 using Leawo SWF Encrypt.

Step 3: In the "Output" frame, choose a folder on your computer to save the output obfuscated SWF documents.

Step 4: Click the " Encrypt " icon to start the SWF encryption on the encryption ways you have selected.


1. The SWF obfuscation has no influence on normal running of source SWF files with standard flash player, now you can feel free to post your encrypted SWF documents to site.

2. Protected or obfuscated SWF files could not be obfuscated again by this SWF Encrypt program.


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