Different Shapes NR Makeup Sponge

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Different Shapes NR Makeup Sponge

Post by xiaxia39 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:20 pm

Product Details: Different Shapes NR Makeup Sponge

NR makeup sponge
size different size
all make up with four/six/eight parts
pattern: rectangle, square,

Material of product:1 NR puff.contain vitamin E, including latex.
Features of product: NR puff contain latex , including vitamin E, with it's help,can make your makeup look perfect and stainless.
2 It has dual function of washing face and absorbing foundation. Compacted design to make the power uniform flapping in the face of each part (including nose and eyes around), the delicate design suit for different faces, and durable.
Usage: Use 1: wet used, dip in water and twist it dry before use liquid powder in order to achieve the best effect.
Use 2: wet used, pat powdery bottom, daub liquid and segregation frost, then press lightly, makeup will be keep long and stick skin perfect. The broadside be suit to cheek and forehead ,the edge of the puff be suit to the eyelid and the wing of nose.
Use 3: dry used, apply adequate foundation , then extend on the face lightly


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