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Post by xiaxia39 on Sun Aug 12, 2012 9:10 pm

Product Details: ES-18w-round-led-panel-downlight


1) Round LED Panel light is perfect option to replace all the ceiling lights.

2) It is very easy for installation.

3) Using SMD 3528 LEDs, which has over 50000 hours life span, 3-5 times as traditional ceiling light.

4) This 18WRound LED panel light is a quite small one, using high brightness SMD3528 LEDs, 56pcs. The output of lumens is about 180LM, very bright.

5) High brightness, low electricity consumption. 70-80% electric energy will be saved than the incandescent lamp.

6) Light instantly at full brightness for total tube without glare.

7) Rational structure design with PC and aluminium base to disperse heat easily, which ensure LED daylight tube work normally at any tough condition.

8) Perfect electric parts design to guarantee LEDS real long life time.

9) Solid-state, high shock vibration resistant.

10) Maintenance free, easy installation.


1)Residential building , School, Library, Factory, Warehouse, Hotel, Casino,

2)Parking garage, Hospital, Commercial Center, Supermarket, Shopping mall

3)Bus, Shuttle, Railcar passenger interiors.
website: ES-18w-round-led-panel-downlight


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