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Product Details: LED-SY-T8-SMD3014

Product Overview

Introducing the latest in LED T8 tube technology, available for commercial and residential fluorescent tube replacements free from environmentally hazardous waste and achieves unmatched energy savings.


LED T8 tubes have several advantages over traditional fluorescent bulbs.
Universal voltage range 100~277VAC
17 Watt LED T8 tube replaces traditional 37 Watt fluorescent bulb
Internal driver, no external ballast or starter needed
Easy installation, instructions included
Low energy and maintenance cost
Government Incentives available for businesses
that upgrade to LED T8 tubes
High Color Rendering Index: 80 CRI
Large operating temperature range: -20oC ~ +45oC
Instant on even in extremely cold temperatures
No strobing or flickering
5 year limited warranty
Certifiably Safe & Environmentally Sustainable
website: LED-SY-T8-SMD3014


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