Top Several Solutions To Import Flash into PowerPoint

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Top Several Solutions To Import Flash into PowerPoint

Post by cici116819 on Wed Aug 08, 2012 6:14 am

Microsoft PowerPoint is actually a efficient communication tool to present your concepts effectively using drawings, images and therefore animated effects. The growth of technology has additionally quickened the technological innovations of PowerPoint 2007.
Together with PowerPoint, you could very well not alone display experiences but additionally generate photo album and enjoy clips. You can easily add clips into PowerPoint 2007 by clicking on "Video" symbol in "import" tab. Still, simply because those clips are generally confined to a few video files including avi, mpg, wmv, etc. If you plan to add swf computer file to PowerPoint, you have got to unearth a few other approaches. This amazing document will show you 2 solutions to add swf computer file into PowerPoint 2007.
I. The first way: Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro
On the grounds that PowerPoint 2007 will get access to specific movies specifically, you can turn the swf data file to avi computer file. Subsequently you can certainly import the video clips into PowerPoint 2007.
1. Save and next launch Moyea SWF to Video Converter Pro.
2. Mouse click "Browser" key, choose "From Folder" choice in the drop-down panel and next get the swf computer file.
3. Simply click "Export" tab and after that transfer swf to avi in the list of "Style".
4. Opt for "Convert" tab to enter into a unique user interface. Mouse click "Play and Capture" icon. As soon as the movie terminates, the conversion process right from swf computer file to avi movie will probably be executed.
5. Open up the PowerPoint, click on "import" tab, select "Movie" image in "Media Clips" region and then add the switched avi video. Following that, the swf computer file has been successfully imported into PowerPoint 2007.
II. Another way: Shockwave Flash Object
1. Place the swf computer file and additionally the Powerpoint file in a document file. This valuable operation is certainly of remarkable importance.
2. Right click the menu bar and then select "Customize Quick Access Toolbar" choice.
3. Choose "Develop Tab" in the drop-down menu and then opt for "More Controls" choice.
4. Now you can easily see "More Controls" symbol in the "Quick Access Toolbar", click on it and next choose "Shockwave Flash Object" choice in the panel.
5. Modify the video size together with the cross-figure cursor. Right click the selected space and then select "Properties" selection.
6. Write the name of the swf document in the "Movie" alternative in the user interface of "Properties".
7. Currently the swf computer file has been added into PowerPoint 2007 document for watching.
The more robust PowerPoint gets, the more rewards we receive. Later on, perhaps the technical enhancements of PowerPoint will astonish the industry. Anyway, along with those two means, you can certainly add swf computer files into PowerPoint 2007.


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