Justin Bieber likes pranks

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Justin Bieber likes pranks

Post by hello monster on Sun Jun 03, 2012 9:00 pm

Justin Bieber likes pranks
Justin Bieber is always creating happiness to those who cares him a lot. It can not be denied that where there is him, there is laugh and joy. He likes to prank to the people who care about him and who he cares much.

Once, he made a phone call to Akon, pretending sad and depressed, “Dad, why don’t you love me any more?” It really scared Akon a lot. When one of his fans asked whether Justin would prank them by phone call, his answer is definitely yes. He said he would play tricks on everyone, but safety first. And another time, he wrote down his phone number on twitter and then deleted it quickly. But many fans still got the number. They called to Justin, but nobody answered. Just when the fans were disappointed, he called back to them one by one and expressed his thanks to the fans. What a considerate and lovely Justin. Another time, he kissed his poster and said: “I am really a good kisser.” And Justin pretended as a pregnant person by the use of pillow. When fans asked whether it is a boy or a girl, he answered seriously that he hoped it was a girl.

It is no wonder that he has got the majority of fans. And it is no wonder that many renowned companies want to cooperate with him, such as Monster Company who designed Monster beats headphones by dre JustBeats solo for him, and has been cooperated with him since 2010.

Apart from the Justbeats, Monster studio beats as well as other headphones will be more and more popular and fashionable among the majority of people.

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