Super Car DVD Player

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Super Car DVD Player

Post by goodbattery on Fri May 25, 2012 7:59 pm

Meet The Street King X4, a 2-DIN (100 mm high) super car DVD player with all the features you'd expect like 6.2 inch high definition touchscreen, advanced GPS solutions, free DVB-T reception, multimedia mastery, but goes one better - a fit-in-your-pocket detachable security panel to keep your ride and car DVD player safe out here on the streets!

Security: The Street King X4 comes with a fit-in-your-pocket detachable security panel that weighs less than 8 grams and is only 10 centimeters long. It snaps in and out with ease. But without the detachable panel in place, the car DVD player won't start. Translation to car thieves: it's not worth breaking into the car and stealing this car DVD player without the detachable panel! In fact, check with your insurance company as this single security feature alone may qualify you for lower insurance premiums!

Navigation: The Street King X4 was designed with the driver in mind. It effortlessly runs today's hottest GPS maps so you'll always experience peace of mind when you're behind the wheel. Turn by turn voice instructions, lane assist, and points of interest are just some of the cutting edge GPS features this amazing car DVD player supports.

Communication: Bluetooth pair your cellphone to The Street King X4 when you first get in the car and you'll enjoy both hands on the steering wheel peace of mind while being accessible to family, friends, as well as your boss! Talk to your callers through the powerful built-in MIC while listening to them through your car speakers!

Entertainment: Increasingly, car DVD players are transforming cars into entertainment palaces on wheels and The Street King X4 is on the forefront of this revolution. Prepare to be entertained with a region-free DVD player that plays DVD's from any country, as well as all CD and VCD formats. The Street King X4 will also play music from your iPod or MP4 player, as well as run audio and video files stored on SD cards or USB flash drives. What's more, it comes with a powerful DVB-T receiver and intelligent antenna for crystal clear over the air free digital TV on its 6.2 inch high definition 800 x 480 pixel resolution touchscreen! Did we mention The Street King X4 also has Picture In Picture (PIP) functionality?

A lot of thought has been put into making this car DVD player as user friendly as possible. If you've experienced other car DVD systems in the past then you will definitely notice an improvement with this unit. The user interface is more responsive and menus are more intuitive. Plus, The Street King X4 employs upgraded firmware with 3D flash menus, brake check disable, and dual zone functionality. It even come with a free 2GB SD card!

This top of the line Super Car DVD Player with detachable security panel, high definition 6.2 inch touchscreen with 800 x 480 screen resolution, advanced GPS functionality, Bluetooth, and DVB-T receiver is brought to you by the online leader in China wholesale car DVD players - Electronic-show!

At a Glance...

Detachable panel for security
High definition 6.2 Inch LCD true touchscreen
Astounding 800 x 480 screen resolution
3D Flash user interface
GPS receiver and free magnet antenna
DVB-T receiver and free magnet antenna
Free 2GB SD card
Dual Zone functionality
Multiple OSD languages!!!


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