Camera Accessories - Benro Classic Aluminum Monopod

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Camera Accessories - Benro Classic Aluminum Monopod

Post by goodbattery on Tue May 22, 2012 8:22 pm

Benro Classic Aluminum Monopod with 4 Twist Lock Leg Sections to offer professional photographers the ultimate in strength, lightweight, fast-action, and reliable performance.

Using lightweight, high-rigidity aluminum alloy with a wall thickness of 1.5mm, the Benro Aluminum Monopod can be used with much heavier weight loads. In addition, it features a fold out tripod at its base for added support and stability. Apart from these, the Benro Classic Aluminum Monopod also comes with these amazing features,

(1) Closed cell foam grip that acts as an insulator, adding comfort.
(2) Improved rubber dust-resistant leg lock design prevents dust or moisture from entering the interior of the twist-locks.
(3) Anti-rotation leg locking system prevents unwanted leg rotation even when the legs aren’t locked into place, enabling fast and fumble-free camera set-up.
(4) A handy hand strap is incorporated into the monopod for easy carrying.

The Benro monopods have always been the first choice for photographers who need the lightest weight support, or who are limited in working space or photograph events that are constantly on the move. Now offered from Electronic-show at a wholesale price that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet. Order yours today and it gets shipped quickly!

At a Glance...

Benro Classic Aluminum Monopod with 4 Twist Lock Leg Sections
Three Fold-Out Legs at the base to Offer Additional Support
Perfect for Photographers Who Are Constantly on the Move
Amazing Wholesale Price



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