Road Cougar - 6.95 Inch Car DVD with GPS + DVB-T

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Road Cougar - 6.95 Inch Car DVD with GPS + DVB-T

Post by goodbattery on Mon May 14, 2012 2:22 am

Upgrade your in-car entertainment with the Road Cougar 6.95 Inch HD Touchscreen Car DVD, which comes with a flawless high definition screen display, GPS, DVB-T, Radio and everything you will ever need to transform your car into an entertainment powerhouse!

When it comes to clarity and definition, the 6.95 inch screen is awesome
The 0.05 inch is what makes all the difference. Even though 7 inch car DVDs are most common on the market (due to ease of production and lower cost), the TRUE standard, and perfect size of an in Dash Car DVD is 6.95 inch. 800 x 480 super resolution on a 6.95 inch screen is just breathtakingly beautiful. Everything looks perfect on the screen. Best of all, the Road Cougar supports 1080P full HD playback, iPod connection to enjoy your iTunes, USB connection for other MP3/MP4 players, plus additional media functions (like playing CD's, DVD's, CD-R's), this unit is guaranteed to keep you and your passengers in a good mood for the long drive ahead.

Even more awesome features…
The Road Cougar universal Double-DIN (100 mm) Car DVD Player with 6.95 Inch HD Touchscreen is a feature-laden in car system that was created with the driver in mind. Employing a 6.95 inch ultra-sensitive touchscreen, optimized interface, and remote control, The Road Cougar responds to your every wish as if you were the King of the universe! With GPS navigation the Road Cougar lets you get to your desired destination on time and stress free, and Bluetooth for safer driving when receiving and making calls. In addition, DVB-T, AM/FM radio functions offer you even more entertainment options on the road.

So if you take driving seriously then you owe it to your sweet ride to hit "Add to Cart" and in a few days you'll be living the high life with the perfect solution to in-car boredom and restlessness - The incredible Road Cougar car DVD player. Brought to you by the leader in online direct from China wholesale car DVD players - Electronic-show.

At a Glance...

2-DIN DVD Player
6.95" Ultra-clear LCD Touchscreen
IPod Compatible
MP3 / MP4 / Multi disc format compatible
DVB-T, Bluetooth and more



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