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best cheap Car DVD GPS

Post by goodbattery on Thu Apr 26, 2012 2:12 am

The amazing Gladiator 7 inch super resolution (800 x 480 resolution) touchscreen car DVD player enhanced with advanced GPS navigation system and next generation DVB-T receiver! Guaranteed to reinvent your daily drive into the ultimate driving experience! If you take getting behind the wheel seriously then it's time to give some serious thought to this juggernaut car DVD player that has it all!

Advanced GPS Functionality: This future is here device has all the techno wizardry you'll need for a Zen-like driving experience every time you hit the streets. The Gladiator car DVD player contains a powerful CPU, fast mobile DDR memory, and a next gen Sirf Atlas 4 GPS receiver which along with the pre-installed and versatile Windows CE 5.0 operating system allows you to run the most popular GPS maps available. Whether you're buying or downloading GPS maps off the Internet, your road travels will be so much better with Lane Assist, Voice Guidance, 3-D Views, Intelligent Route Planning, Points Of Interest (POI) and other cool GPS features. The Gladiator also comes with a 3 meter magnetic GPS soft antenna for instant fix and lock GPS positioning everytime!

The Evolution of Entertainment: This baby is like an entertainment ninja! You know those hundreds of DVDs you have lying around? Classics like The Matrix, Shawshank Redemption, Gone in Sixty Seconds, and The Usual Suspects? The Gladiator will breathe new life into your movie collection regardless of disk origin country because it comes with a built-in region free car DVD player! Output those amazing visuals through The Gladiator's ultra-clear 800 x 480 super resolution, high definition 7 inch screen AND epic sound effects through the system's back of your neck hair raising 4 x 60W audio channels and you've got yourself a rolling movie theater!

Jam Packed with Features: The Gladiator Car DVD GPS with 7 Inch HD Touchscreen + DVB-T is a feature-rich in car system that was designed with the driver in mind. Employing a 7 inch ultra-sensitive touchscreen, optimized interface, and remote control, The Gladiator immediately responds to your every command as if you were an emperor! Bluetooth pair your cellphone to The Gladiator when you enter the car and you can talk and drive in total safety with both hands on the wheel. Talk to your caller through the built-in MIC and hear them through your car's speaker surround system. Perfection indeed.

Like we said, if you take driving seriously then it's time you hit "Add to Cart" and in a few days you'll be driving in style with the perfect solution to in car boredom and restlessness - The Gladiator car DVD player. Brought to you by the leader in online direct from China wholesale car DVD players - Top-shoppingmall.

At a Glance...
Sirf Atlas IV GPS Receiver
IPOD Compatible
2-DIN DVD Player
7" LCD Touchscreen
Bonus 2GB SD Card included free!
MP3 / MP4 / Multi disc format compatible


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