Monster beats headphones abroad

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Monster beats headphones abroad

Post by hello monster on Wed Apr 25, 2012 2:11 am

Monster beats headphones have been in the market for only a few years from the year of 2008, but they have become the second largest earphone company in the unite states just one or two years latter. Monster beats headphones have already been known by the majority of local people. They are popular among famous singers and young generations. The use of them has already been a common phenomenon. One will not feel surprised to see them in their everyday life.

Monster beats headphones are not only popular at home, they are also popular overseas. In 2010, the company cooperated with Chinese giant, famous NBA basketball player, Yao Ming and designed series headphones of Yao studio and Yao Solo. They are special designed according to Chinese culture as well as the personality of Yao Ming. The color red stands for happiness, good luck, and harmony. And the design represents Yao Ming’s persistence, confidence, courage as well as strength. Since the marketing in China, monster headphones have become very heated among Chinese consumers. The evaluation of monster headphones is very good. And latter, many Chinese famous pop singers were calling for cooperation with Monster Company for free. It is not uncommon in china that pop singers are keen on these products.

With the effort of all staffs in Monster Company, monster beats headphones will be the majority of people’s needs. And they will not regret owning these kinds of headphones.

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