Diamond GPS Navigator with 5 Inch Touchscreen and FM Transmitter

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Diamond GPS Navigator with 5 Inch Touchscreen and FM Transmitter

Post by goodbattery on Sat Apr 14, 2012 1:34 am

The Diamond GPS Portable Navigator is what everyone who loves exploring needs - a GPS system that can be used in the car as well as on travel. With this new portable GPS Navigator you have one unit than combines powerful GPS functionality with entertainment, portability, and style, the CVLA-G129 does it all and makes your daily life easier at the same time.

Have you been waiting to find the GPS unit that's right for you? Well now your wait is over - the Diamond GPS Navigator features all the powerful navigation functions you need including SPOKEN DRIVING DIRECTIONS that allow you to keep your eyes on the road while you drive. AUTOMATIC ROUTE RE-CALCULATION gets you back on track quickly if you make a wrong turn. The choice of TWO-DIMENSIONAL (2D) or THREE-DIMENSIONAL (3D) mapping lets you find your way more easily. NIGHT MODE BACKLIGHT allows your eyes to focus on the screen more comfortably in the dark. Use the FM TRANSMITTER to route the audio from this GPS unit directly to your vehicle's speakers. Whether you plan to use this for work situations such as trying to find your clients office or for pleasure such as finding the quickest route to the Karaiskaki Stadium to finally see the Piraeus Olympiakos FC kickoff on time, this unit will do it with ease. This GPS unit will even help you locate the malls, cafes, theaters, and bars nearest to you. You may even find some places you didn't know existed - all with the marvel of modern GPS!

Yes, the Diamond GPS Navigator will get you where you need to go when you are driving. But guess what, this unit will also help you when you are outside of your car too! Walking, biking, hiking, and on the train or bus, this one unit will tell you where you are and where you are going. An invaluable tool for the modern traveler and commuter.

There is still one more feature that makes the GPSD216 Diamond GPS Navigator one of the most exciting GPS navigation systems on the market today - this unit is also a fully functioning handheld digital media player with rich multimedia entertainment features. Supporting many file formats of your favorite music, movies, pictures, and e-books, this GPS unit will keep you entertained everywhere you go. Listen to music with the earphones, built-in speaker, or through your car's stereo system. Enjoy videos on the beautiful 5 inch screen. Even play any of 7 exciting strategy games with the included stylus. When you have the Diamond GPS Navigator as your travel partner, you safely arrive at your destination and have fun all at the same time.

This amazing GPS device is available for single piece or bulk quantity orders. Get one today to test drive for yourself, then order in bulk to enjoy savings on per item cost and shipping. From your best source of high quality, low price gadgets, Top-shoppingmall.

At a Glance...

GPS Portable Navigator
5 Inch Touchscreen
FM Transmitter
Works with all brands of GPS map software
Bonus 2GB microSD card included (free!)
Multimedia Player (MP3, MP4, Games)

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