4 Camera Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System

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4 Camera Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System

Post by goodbattery on Wed Apr 11, 2012 10:22 pm

Thought a single rearview camera in your car was enough? Well four will make sure you can see in every single nook and cranny and in every blind spot, ensuring you don't miss a thing when driving or parking.

This Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System includes 4 cameras for you to outfit your vehicle with. As an example: Put 2 in front to help with driving in tight spaces, put 1 in the back to help you with reverse parking and to keep an eye on animals/kids haplessly walking in front of your car, and leave one on the top for those taller trucks and mini-vans. The monitor will show all 4 cameras simultaneous so you're sure to never accidentally hit anything again. Surely, any car owner can use this Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System as an affordable investment to minimize the likelihood of car accidents.

This Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System is extremely convenient and easy to use too. The cameras attach to the monitor, which in turn monitor attaches to your dash. Power for everything is supplied directly from the car's wiring system and the cameras are even waterproof, which means there's never a need to worry about this rearview parking system after it's up and running. 3 of the 4 cameras also include automatic nightvision, so there's no need to buy or install anything else once you have this Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System.

Why risk damaging your car from unseen hazards when you can easily protect your valuable investment with this car accessory? Order one today and relieve yourself of the stress and guess work of parking in tight areas. This Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System is in stock and ready for immediate shipment. And don’t forget, all products from Top-shoppingmall come with a full one year warranty and ship out of our warehouse quickly.

At a Glance...

4 Camera Car Rearview/Frontal Monitoring System
7 inch monitor
Remote control included
All 4 cameras are waterproof
3 of the 4 cameras include automatic nightvision

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