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Register .CN $4.85 + FREE Trustee Service - www.IISP.HK

Post by IISP.HK on Tue Apr 10, 2012 2:28 am

.CN Domain-2012 NEW POLICY-LESS Restrictions


Any company/individual in any country around the world can register .CN domain names
with supporting documentation. Documents required: A copy of valid government issued company registration certificate or a link to a valid government website where the information can be viewed /A copy of valid government issued ID/Passport of authorized contact person. Domain name does not need to match the company name.

Local Presence: Yes
Trustee Service (this satisfies most registration requirements, some domains may require additional information): FREE

Many registries do not assign domain names the same way. The process for the China .cn and the registry for .com domain names for example, are completely different and may require different information. Registration may require an administrative contact with a physical address in that particular country. The requirements and registration process vary widely for each country and that's why IISP provides outstanding Trustee Services in order to make your registration experience a simple and worry-free process.

Grab your .CN domain for $4.85/yr with IISP.HK now!
Search and Register Chinese domains with CNNIC Accredited Registrar.

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