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Twitter has opened the door to the concept of real-time search. The ability to listen to an online conversation right now and hear what's being said has brought a whole new dimension to search marketing
We're all used to going to a search engine, typing in a keyword phrase, and getting a list of results. In the past, those results only showed what the search engines have collected and stored in their databases. That information can be a day or two old, or several years old.
Real-time search benefits those who read or write content within a short time span. Headline news, natural calamities and rescue efforts, and current events and shows are all examples where real-time search is used. Basically, your content goes hot for a small period of time before it goes cold.
Other Tools for Real-Time Search
Several tools are available to help you take advantage of real-time search. Twitter Search has been around for a long time. Other tools that have emerged since and let you see what others are tweeting about are Tweet Grid, Scoopler, Collecta, and CrowdEye, just to name a few.
Facebook also has a real-time search feature similar to Twitter's. Facebook recently bought Friend Feed, which already has a good real-time search feature that searches content across many social sites.
What Does Real-Time Search Mean for Marketers?
While real-time search is growing, it's still in its infancy. With the major search engines on board, it's just a matter of time before it grows in adoption. Keep your eye on opportunities to leverage real-time search for use in your branding efforts.
In addition to advertisers, it's also important to consumers. Marketers will need to adjust their approach to reaching out to consumers. With real-time search, you now have a tool to "listen" in to what consumers are saying about your brand or product. With real-time information, you can now react quicker and be more responsive.


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