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Online Marketing or Internet marketing is referred to as marketing or promoting a product or services over the internet. Internet marketing is considered as broad in scope as it includes e-mail, wireless media etc… Internet marketing has a close connection between the creative and technical aspects of the internet.
Top five marketing strategies
• Superior Product: This is one of the best ways of marketing, this states that No other product or service is better than your product. It states that your product has unique features, which is easier for marketing.
• Words that sell: Here the marketers know who all the customers of their product are, what their taste is, how their psychology is etc… Therefore, marketers speak through these customers to perspective customers. This is also known as conversation rate optimization.
• Newsletter: This is one of the powerful to market a product or services. By sending quality newsletter with offers, discounts etc… can attract the many potential customers.
• Public Relations: In this mode of marketing, public relations agency is hired to boost the visibility and profitability.
• Search engine optimization: SEO is a search engine optimization is a process of making the visibility of a company’s website.

It has many advantages and demerits:
Advantages of online marketing:
It is regarded as inexpensive, as it can reach the vast number of perspective audience. The nature of medium allows the target customers research on the product and services given through online marketing. Therefore any business has the advantage of appealing to the customers in a medium that can bring the results quickly. It also has an added advantage of measuring the statistics in a most inexpensive manner. Therefore, the results of online campaigns can be measured quickly and accurately.

Limitations of Online marketing:
There are no many disadvantages of online marketing. However, the perspective or target customers cannot touch, feel or smell the tangible product before making a decision to buy a product.


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