Road Master 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD Player with GPS + DVB-T

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Road Master 7 Inch Touchscreen Car DVD Player with GPS + DVB-T

Post by goodbattery on Wed Mar 28, 2012 12:39 am

Product Description

Complete Car DVD, GPS, and DVB-T media system to supersize your automotive navigation, entertainment, and communication experience! This 2-DIN size (100 mm tall) unit is the Road Master of in-car systems!

Each month we sells thousands of car DVD systems, and the Road Master represents the best of the best and because of our buying volume, it can also be yours at the best price possible. In fact, don't take our word for it. Google "7 inch touchscreen car dvd player with GPS and DVB-T" to see how much our competitors are selling these types of systems for! More importantly, the Road Master is brought to you by the same manufacturer that makes the top of the line Road King C39 car DVD system, and the pulse quickening Street Ninja C34 car DVD system.

So what makes the Road Master, the perfect solution for your in car needs? Aside from every road feature you'll ever need, the C37 Road Master possesses improved software and hardware design over conventional in-car systems.

Best In-Class Navigation: If you don't have GPS working for you, then you might as well be driving blind! The Road Master runs today's most popular GPS software hits like TomTom and Route66. The GPS hardware is performance enhanced and uses the WIN CE operating system to make driving precise and an absolute pleasure. Depending on what software you choose, you'll get features like: lane assist, voice guidance, 3-D views, intelligent route planning, and points of interest (POI). What's more, the C37 Road Master also boasts a 3 meter GPS magnet antenna to significantly boost your GPS signal reception!

Best In-Class Entertainment: This remarkable car AV system has everything you'll ever need to keep you and your passengers delightfully entertained. It's powerful DVD disc player is region free meaning it can play DVDs made from anywhere in the world. On top of that, you can play VCDs, SVCDs, and all your CDs too! Oh and don't forget to throw those TV shows, dramas, animes, and movies on a SD card or USB thumb drive and plug it into this wonder player. It effortlessly handles the web's most popular video and audio file formats like MPEG 1/2/4, AVI, DIVX, XVID and MP3 with style. Hook up your portable media player to the Road Master through the USB port or better yet, maximize your driving exhilaration with access to your complete music collection by attaching your iPod to the C37 Road Master. Mile after mile, song after song, it's like a rolling karaoke bar! "...above it all, I did it my way..."

Best In-Class Communication: Complete with a crystal clear 7.0 inch LCD touchscreen, The Road Master magically transforms you car into a home away from home. But you also get a prime A office away from your office with Bluetooth functionality which allows you to have handsfree conversations with your callers and hear them through your car speakers. Translation: safe and stress free driving everywhere, everytime! Pair your cellphone to the C37 Road Master when you first get in your car and you can ask Mr Burns for a raise or ask your wife if you can go golfing on Sunday, with your eye on the road at the same time.

Best of all BEST IN-CLASS PRICE: So what makes this model different from all the other GPS DVB-T car DVD systems out there? Two things mainly. A vastly improved user experience and an amazing price! The Road Master epitomizes our commitment to giving you the biggest bang for your buck with everything you expect and more: better audio and video output control, dual zone functionality, tint adjustment, and The Road Master even comes with a free 2GB SD card!

If you're used to hearing how it's impossible to get the most for the least, then you'll definitely want to get your hands on this amazing DVB-T GPS car DVD price performer. Hit that "Add to Cart" button right away and in less than a week, you'll be cruising the roads like you own them. This amazing in-car total solution is brought to you by the leader in online direct from China wholesale electronics - Top-shoppingmall.

At a Glance...

Improved software and hardware
7.0 inch LCD True Touchscreen
GPS and free magnet antenna
DVB-T and free magnet antenna
Free 2GB SD card
Dual Zone functionality
Priced to crush the competition



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