Need a New Computer? Here Are Some Ideas of What to Do With Your Old One

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Need a New Computer? Here Are Some Ideas of What to Do With Your Old One

Post by cronpal on Fri Mar 23, 2012 4:51 pm

So your computer is dying on you every now and then? Shutting off or restarting without any prior notice? You are losing valuable data? Well, all these indicate that your computer is getting old. You have probably abused it way too much. Loaded in a number of programs and filled it up with downloaded files and now there is hardly any hard drive space for the computer to function! This happens to most of us sometime or the other. What seemed like a huge memory at one point of time 120 GB for example, now hardly matters anymore! Ah if only I could delete all those MP3 files! But alas! That's not possible. So when your computer outnumbers its days, when your requirement exceeds what your computer can offer you, what do you do? Do you just throw it away?

Getting a good deal out of your old computer may get tricky! With technology advancing at a rapid speed, no body wants to be stuck with an old computer and not reap the benefits of the developments. Most recent software are incompatible with older operating systems and it becomes necessary to get a new computer. When we say a good 'deal' for your computer, remember it does not always mean money! A good deal can also refer to putting your computer to good use although it may apparently appear to be useless and you are almost ready to sell it off as junk. Well selling off your computer as junk or advertising it for sale can be some of the traditional ways of 'dealing' with an old computer. However here are approaches that you may consider.


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Re: Need a New Computer? Here Are Some Ideas of What to Do With Your Old One

Post by mygigcafe on Fri Apr 13, 2012 11:52 pm

If you computer are giving you problem For Example again and again restart its means you power supply are spoiled and you should be need to go to the expert computer repair person and change it and then your computer will run speedy


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