AJ Auction 2012 - New Version of AJ Auction Pro Script

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AJ Auction 2012 - New Version of AJ Auction Pro Script

Post by joelchrist on Fri Mar 16, 2012 6:14 am

AJ Square Inc, reputed software company situated at South TamilNadu and the popular script seller of AJ Auction pro OOPD. Now it has recently released it's new version AJ Auction 2012 with advanced social share and admin control features.

Features of AJ Auction 2012:

1. New Templates with 5 Themes

2. Facebook login facility which will avoid user to register once again

3. Facebook share option to improve exposure of the business

4. Twitter share option to products and offers among twitter users

5. Facility to view invoice of specific user

6. View bid history of a particular user

7. View login history of past 5 particular users

8. Reset user password from admin side

9. Home Page Editor option

10. View Feedback history of a particular user



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