Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator'

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Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator'

Post by NewsOnline on Thu Feb 09, 2012 8:48 am

Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator'

Blueseed: 'Startup Incubator' - Gallery | VIDEO

A group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs is trying to make it easier for its foreign counterparts to make and maintain business connections through an innovative end-run around U.S. immigration law: Putting them up for months at a time in a floating "Googleplex" that anchors in international waters -- but is close enough for them to make frequent visits to Silicon Valley.

Co-founder of the Blueseed project, Max Marty, and his partners want to build a floating "startup incubator" strategically positioned in the Pacific Ocean about 12 miles off San Francisco's coast. Offering an array of rich work and living spaces designed to foster creativity, the "Googleplex of the sea," would provide innovators with a space where they could operate far enough away from the U.S. mainland to sidestep its immigration laws, but close enough to cultivate business relationships with Silicon Valley insiders.

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