Help please, advertising plan text

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Help please, advertising plan text

Post by daugavava10 on Tue Jan 17, 2012 5:48 am

SPEAR, a mail order company, is planning a new advertising campaign. Below is an extract from an internal report to senior marketers in the company. Fill each gap in the report with a word or phrase from the box.

advertisements, advertising mix, campaign, commercials, competition, consumer awareness, direct mail, hard sell, impulse buying, mailshot, online, website


Our plan is to sell products through a (1) catalogue and mail order service. We will use a high pressure, (2)_

approach. We can attract customers to order the goods by offering special (3)_prizes. Once the catalogue arrives, consumers will order goods which have an instant appeal. We will depend on (4)_.

Another approach is to run a long advertising (5)_

to increase (6)_of our products. We plan a variety of advertising techniques: this (7)_will consist of television (8)_, newspaper (9)_, and street advertising. We have a good target customer database, so we will use (10)_. We plan to do a (11)

_twice, to put extra pressure on those who do not answer the first time.

We also have a company (12)_where we advertise our products. Customers can also order goods (13)___________


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