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Post by Gawer on Thu Dec 29, 2011 2:44 pm

Do you want to learn how to trade like a Proffesional trader? dont waste your time for any books resources, because you can waist your entire life and you will not make it alone. Come to proffesional place School of trade, we guarantee you make your first 5000USD after 4 weeks.

Remember to use 5% off Promo code = "mike5"

We have specific trade plans for all types of traders:
- Scalping
- Position & Swing Trading
- Combination of Manual and Auto Trading
- Purely Automatic Trading Systems

We offer a lifetime membership, our clients stick around and help us develop and improve all of our systems.

The Advanced Membership provides EVERYTHING you will need to trade our system.

Our advanced membership includes:

- Lifetime Membership, no monthly fees

- Lifetime Trade Room Access

- Lifetime Auto Trader License

- All our Indicators, you will OWN

- Free real-time Market Data

- 24/7 technical support

- All future up-dates; new set-ups, auto-trader, etc.

- Video course materials will train you on EVERYTHING

- Includes the Beginner and Intermediate Courses at no extra cost!

Auto-Trader Info:

- Included with Advanced Membership

- Avg $1500/mo/contract (no overnight)

- Trade as many markets as your account will allow

- Does 100% of the work for you

- Flat Overnight = Low Risk = Low Margins

- Entry, Exit, Trade Management, everything

- Small Drawdown = Great equity curve

- Low Risk Reward Ratio (20tick stop / 80 tick target)

- Licensed to the individual trader

- Includes all future up-dates and 24/7 tech support

- Easy to incorporate with our Live Trade Room discretionary trading methods

- ‘Set it & Forget It’ Day Trading

- Has no monthly fees

- Runs on NT 7.0

Important things to consider about our membership:

- we make money every day consistently
- we show you what YOU need to accomplish these profits
- we provide you with ALL the tools you need
- we provide on-going training and support every day
- you can apply this method to any market
- you can trade 1 contract or 100 contracts
- you can scalp and swing trade this method
- You will learn new things every day in our trade room
- Our auto trader allows you to make money while you sleep


Make clients aware of all the great free training on our blog. Tell them that in the Advanced Training we will take these topics up another level by including all the specifics they need to immediately use with their trading.

The different type of trading styles we use:

Wave pattern video:

Two-Step Pattern Video:

Tape Reading


Chart Types

Fast Track:

Contract Roll Over:


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