How to Remove DRM from iTunes Music?

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How to Remove DRM from iTunes Music?

Post by kevin8 on Mon Nov 21, 2011 7:55 am

There's a good chance when you buy music from the iTunes Store that the files that you download will be copy protected by Apple's FairPlay DRM system. It's a great system that protects the rights of the artist and publisher by making it difficult for the consumer to distribute copyrighted material. However, DRM can also be very restrictive by stopping you playing legally purchased music on your MP3 compatible hardware. So, what happens if you want to play your DRM'ed music on a non-iPod?

This tutorial will show you a way to produce DRM-free music that doesn't require any special software that you would normally need to buy. Before we begin, check for any updates that are available for your iTunes installation, or download the latest version from the iTunes website.

How to Remove DRM from iTunes Music?

Step 1: Load DRM files to this free trial version DRM Removal.

Add DRM files like DRM iTunes music or audio files. Click "Add Video" buttonto import your original DRM protected files. In preview window, we can see video clearly. Besides, the batch conversion mode supports input several files at one time.

Step 2: Set output profile and destination.

We can easily remove DRM from protected files through the conversion of the files format. We can select MP3 or other formats you'd like to get. There is a list of output formats ready for you to choose. Any one is convenient for you.

When selecting output folder, in "Output Path", click "Browse" to find a folder to save files.

Step 3: Conversion.

Here, we start removing DRM from original files by clicking "Start" button. then you can just go out for a walk or take a nap, and the conversion may have been finished when you come back. This smart video converter can shut down your computer automatically when the conversion is done.

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